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O. R. Tambo International Airport (ORTIA) is the air transport hub of Southern Africa, catering for over 13 million passengers each year. With more than 18 000 people employed by various companies at ORTIA, the airport plays a vital role in the city's and Gauteng province's economy and boasts an impressive infrastructure that has expanded by thousands of square metres from its modest origins. This hub hosts airlines from all five continents. ORTIA has an important role to play in serving the air transport needs of Africa as a whole and it is our commitment to do this to the best of our ability.

ORTIA's commercial transformation
ORTIA is ACSA's flagship success story and accounts for over half of the throughput of all ACSA airports, while contributing more than 70 of the group's profit. It has overtaken Cairo in terms of passenger traffic. Passenger Traffic has climbed steadily over the past couple of years, with the figures now in excess of 11 million passengers a year, to become Africa's busiest airport. ORTIA's greatest success lies in its commercial transformation. The dramatic R210 million duty free retail mall contributed largely to ORTIA increasing its net operating income by more than 120%, fuelled by growth in non-aeronautical revenues over three times greater than aeronautical revenues. Tight and effective management has found ORTIA to be one of the most cost-effective airports in the world, according to a 1999 report by the United Kingdom Transportation Research Laboratory.

Air traffic control facilities
To ensure safety in poor weather conditions, the main runways at ORTIA are equipped with category II instrument landing systems and related visual navigational aids, which are conscientiously maintained.

Retail and commercial growth
ORTIA's strategy has been maximised with the opening of the duty free retail mall. Passenger spend has increased by a dramatic 66% as a result of the exciting and varied goods on offer. Retail income is one of three principal sources of revenue and is a key element in the company's strategy to optimise non-aeronautical income streams.
The opening of the new domestic terminal in February 2003 has significantly expanded ACSA's retail facilities. The new terminal offers a huge array of restaurants, shops and services, to meet the needs of passengers as well as other airport users.

Special facilities at ORTIA
ORTIA has the following facilities for passengers' convenience:

* a chapel;
* Muslim prayer facilities for Islamic passengers;
a conference facility as well as a Postnet, offering business support services, and a Post Office in the International Terminal
* a 45-room transit hotel;
* an emergency medical clinic with trained nurses and paramedics on duty and doctors on 24-hour standby;
* an unaccompanied minors area;
* a baggage storage facility;
* a media conference room, often used by South African cabinet ministers as well as by foreign VIPs.
a five star luxury hotel on the doorstep of the airport terminals.

Internet access is available within the terminals using the Airport Online facility in International Departures. Two Airport Online stores are located in the domestic terminal. One is open to the general public and is located near the ATM area in the shopping area. The second is located for use by passengers only and is situated just after the main security point prior to the boarding gates.

Tel: +27 (0)11 921 6262

Flight information:
Tel: 086 72 77 888

Airport address:
Private Bag X1
O.R. Tambo International Airport

Tel: +27 (0)11 921 6911
Fax: +27 (0)11 921 6422

Airport management

* General manager: Tel +27 (0)11 921 6911/6353
* Assistant GM: Finance and Admin: Tel +27 (0)11 921 6738
* Business centre: Tel +27 (0)11 921 6262
* Client managers: Tel +27 (0)11 921 6256/6416
* Communications Manager: Tel +27 (0)11 921 6087
* O.R. Tambo International Airport: Tel +27 (0)11 921 6911
* Manager: Commercial Operations: Tel +27 (0)11 921 6231
* Manager: Customer relations: Tel +27 (0)11 921 6735
* Manager: finance: Tel +27 (0)11 921 6651
* Manager: human resources: Tel +27 (0)11 921 6769
* Manager: landside: Tel +27 (0)11 921 6634
* Manager: maintenance & engineering: Tel +27 (0)11 921 6532
* Manager: projects: Tel +27 (0)11 921 6550
* Manager: safety: Tel +27 (0)11 921 6628
* Manager: security: Tel +27 (0)11 921 6852
* Vacancy enquiries: Tel +27 (0)11 921-6770

ACSA head office
Tel: +27 (0)11 723 -1400
Fax: +27 (0)11 453 – 9354

Postal address:
PO Box 75480

Physical address:
The Maples
Riverwoods Office Park
24 Johnson Road

Tavelling Information:

Domestic Travellers

People travelling domestically are advised to arrive at the airport at least one and a half hours prior to their departure time.

International Travellers

People travelling internationally are advised to arrive at the airport at least three hours prior to their departure time.

* Plan your trip systematically, including packing in advance- don't leaving things to the last minute
* Add at least 30 minutes to your normal airport travel time
* Due to the construction work, parking is at a premium. So, as you approach the airport complex, be on the look out for and follow signs that will direct you to the available parking areas
* Use the drop-off zones (where available) for that purpose only - they are not for parking in
* Be sure to pack your own baggage, secure it properly (loose straps may catch in the conveyor belts), lock it, if possible shrink wrap it and attach identification tags
* Do not place small, valuable items into checked baggage (such as cellphones, laptop computers or jewellery), and do not leave your luggage unattended - whether check-in or carry-on

By following ACSA's advice, namely - "make time, take time and enjoy your travel" - air travellers can truly begin to enjoy their journey from the moment they reach the airport.

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