TThe Definitive Guide to Football Betting - Tips and Strategy

While football betting is pretty straightforward and simple to start, it can be challenging to be successful in betting. That’s why you need to learn the right strategies to minimize your losses and increase your chances of beating with live betting tips. This definitive guide features tips from experienced football bettors on Betway, giving you everything from researching the teams to selecting your bets.

Five Smart Football Betting Tips

1. Back Outcomes And Not Odds

When betting on football, one of the main factors you must deal with is odds. The odds are used by the bookmakers to indicate the favorite and the underdog in a game, though they cause a lot of confusion to the gamblers when choosing their bets. For most beginners, betting on an outcome with low odds seems like the best choice. However, that not only means you stand a chance of winning less money, but it can also be misleading.

For instance, if a leading team like Juventus were playing a team like Crotone, the odds for Juventus would be very low. However, that may ignore their current form since they are playing a small team. That’s why it’s important to bet based on the outcomes you think are possible instead of basing your betting decisions on the odds.

2. Keep Your Emotions In Check

Unlike any other pastime, it can be hard to avoid being emotionally involved. However, emotions are one of the things you should keep at bay when betting on Betway, even when you’re a strong supporter of a certain team. For starters, emotions are bad for your bankroll as you can’t make rational decisions when you’re emotional. A good example of that is trying to chase your losses.

3. Research and Hard Work

In any betting activity, information is a powerful commodity that can help you become a successful bettor. The research process may be boring and tiring, but you need all the knowledge you can get to have a successful football betting career. Fortunately, there are lots of places you can go to get information on major football leagues in the world for free.

4. Don’t Ignore Your Instincts

Other than research and hard work, trusting your gut instinct is crucial when faced with hard bets. In fact, trusting your instincts may help you achieve long-term success in betting. Your instincts act after the safety net after doing your research, helping you to make the right decision. However, most punters confuse betting on instincts with betting on emotions.

Sometimes your gut feeling may mislead you into choosing the wrong outcome, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t trust your instincts. That’s because, in most cases, you’ll never go wrong when you bet on instincts where research isn’t enough to help you make a decision.

5. Stick To The Things You Know

As a professional bettor at Betway, this is one of the most useful tips you should never forget. Avoid falling in the trap of trying to seek new markets or new leagues that you may know nothing about. Doing that not only makes the research process more daunting, but it also increases your chances of losing. For that, you should stick to the markets, teams, and leagues that you win consistently.