Five Exciting New Technologies Being Used in the Sports Industry

Technology has played a massive role in the advancement of the way sports are done. Currently, every game has integrated technology in its activities in one way or the other. The integration of technology is on the field, for example, the introduction of Video Assistant Referee and off-field. Off the field, activities like sports betting have also had to adapt to technological advancements to remain relevant. A sports casino like Betway App introduced an online platform that has evolved into the  betway app  to keep within touching distance of the current trends. The following are five exiting technologies being used in the sports industry

Video Assistant Referee (VAR)
The VAR has taken the world of football by storm. Its introduction to the sport has had mixed reactions. With this technology, the match officials rely on technology to see exactly what happened, getting a second perspective on a particular event. The precision of technology is used to cover the human error factor. The success of this technology has not been analyzed objectively yet. However, if appropriately applied, it will be a great addition to the much technological advancement in the sports industry.

Sensor Tools
Sensor tools have come in handy many times when the naked eye cannot establish whether the ball went over the line or not. There are different sensor tools for different sports. For example, in Cricket, they use Hawk-Eye technology. The Hawk-Eye analyzes sound to establish if the ball was hit into the bat before it was caught. The technology also establishes where the ball would have landed had it not hit a player’s foot. In football, there is the goal-line technology that determines whether to award a goal or not. Sensor technologies are used to verify the position of the ball at a given time.

Timing Systems
Timing systems rendered stopwatches obsolete. Precision and consistency have been enhanced by the elimination of differences in reaction time. Today, in most races, the starter pistol is linked to a clock. The clock immediately starts timing the run immediately. The pistol goes off. For swimming, there is a touchpad at the finish lanes and wearable inertial sensors that determine performance.

RFID Chips
RFID chips target individual contestants in an event. These devices use an antenna to convey wireless signals. In long-distance races, the RFID chips are used by broadcasters and viewers to track the exact location of participators during the race. There are two types of RFID chips: passive and active. Active chips are powered by a battery or any other power source and can be used to determine the precise time a contestant crosses a particular line. Passive chips, on the other hand, are used with sensors placed on a mat because they lack a power source. The chips have also been used successfully in other sports like football. It is possible to find out how many kilometers a player ran in a match and so on.

Equipment Development
Technological advancements have enabled sports equipment manufacturers to come up with devices that reduce injuries on athletes. In sports like the American Football league, helmets have been designed to absorb the shock caused by collisions and protect athletes from head and neck injuries. The modern world is run on technology. Sports have also been greatly influenced by technology. In fact, punters on sports casinos like Betway and the others can quickly analyze teams because of the data availed from devices. Officiating matches has been made easier, and avoidable injuries have been avoided.